Skyward Bound: The Epic trip of a Cabin from Tauriko to Motiti Island

Classic Kinect defies limits: cabin travels from Tauriko to Motiti Island, an epic feat of innovation and collaboration!

Classic Kinect Makes Waves: Cabin Journey from Tauriko to Motiti Island

In the practical world of construction and delivery deadlines, where every move is meticulously planned and executed, Classic Kinect Tauranga recently achieved a noteworthy feat – the relocation of a cabin from our yard in Tauriko to Motiti Island. This remarkable journey was not only a testament to our dedication to customer satisfaction but also a showcase of innovation and collaboration.

The Journey Unfolds:

The journey began when the cabin, designed and built at the Classic Kinect yard, embarked on its first leg of the trip – Hiab transport to a private farm in Maketu. This strategic stop served as the closest land point to Motiti Island, situated approximately 21 km northeast of Tauranga. Motiti Island, is a privately owned island which includes a small population of locals, avocado orchards and agricultural farms,  with one of the best climates in New Zealand, it’s a truly beautiful place.

Aerial manoeuvres:

Enter the Black Hawk helicopter, renowned for its impressive carrying capacity. The Classic Kinect Tauranga team ensured that the cabin design met the lifting requirements of the Black hawk, which boasts a lifting capacity of 3.6 tonnes. Crew members were flown to the island in anticipation of the cabin’s arrival, ready to manoeuvre it onto the pre-installed foundations that would secure its place. The Blackhawk, flying at a steady pace, carried the cabin across the sea to its destination. Fishermen in boats watched, jaws dropped in amazement at what they were witnessing overhead!

Anticipation and Collaboration:

Meanwhile, on Motiti Island, the family eagerly awaited the arrival of their new home. Purchasing the cabin was just the beginning – their vision included building decks around it and transforming it into a safe, warm space. The Kinect collaborated closely with Kahu NZ Heavy Lifting Helicopter Services to ensure every detail went according to plan. As the cabin touched down on the island, the family’s joy was obvious; they were thrilled with the final result.

Cinematic Captivation:

A second helicopter joined the expedition, capturing the entire sequence from above. The film crew seized the opportunity to document the take-off, the flight across the ocean, and the landing on Motiti Island. The footage not only immortalizes this extraordinary journey but also serves as a testament to the collaborative spirit and innovation that drive Classic Kinect Tauranga and its partners.

In conclusion, the relocation of the cabin from Tauriko to Motiti Island stands as a testament to Kinect’s commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction.

This journey is not just about moving a cabin – it’s about crafting experiences, forging partnerships, and building legacies that endure. In the ever-evolving landscape of construction and logistics, Classic Kinect continues to set the standard for excellence, one remarkable journey at a time.


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