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Classic Kinect specialises in the construction of transportable buildings for residential or commercial use. We are NZ owned and operated, and we take pride in buildings that provide quality craftsmanship at affordable price-points.

The transportable company that cares

We believe every Kiwi should have the chance to own their own home.

And because we all live a little differently, Classic Kinect has created a range of transportable homes that could be just right for you.

Now you have more choice than ever without having to compromise on quality. Every Kinect home is backed by a 10-year warranty; now all you need to focus on is the perfect location.
A unique approach
Our 6 step process

Choose your plan

Choose your dream plan from one of the 13 Classic Kinect plans. Our range offers modern functionality in a proven design. Your Consultant will help you work out if the plan will fit on your site and give you an estimate costing of your project, including available product options and estimates of the items you’ll need to complete after the house is transported to your site. Contact your local Classic Kinect Building Consultant to talk through your specific questions and ideas.

Site Suitability & Contract

A $500 deposit is required for your Building Consultant to complete a site evaluation and for our design team to produce a Scheme Plan (which outlines your site, your house in position and the levels of your land). We'll visit your site to confirm there’s suitable access to deliver your home. You’ll then be presented with the plans, contract documentation and fixed build price (less the $500 Scheme Plan deposit).

Building Consent

Once you’ve signed the contract, paid the deposit and confirmed your colour scheme, Kinect will prepare the plans and documentation for building consent for the build at our yard. You’ll need to get geotech reports for soil and/or drainage designs (if required), then apply for the building consent from your local council for the siting of the home.

We Build

On receiving building consent, your first stage payment will be due and your build will start in our yard. Further payments are required throughout stages of the build, with the final payment due on completion. Other payment options may be available - check with your Building Consultant for more info.


Once it’s built, your home will be transported to your site and placed on piles. Before we can do this, you must have any required site access completed and an approved siting building consent from your local council.

Connections & CCC

Now’s the time to engage your local contractors to connect your power, portable & wastewater, decks and driveway. You’ll also need to apply for a code of compliance inspection with your local council.

Frequently asked questions

We recommend contacting your local council to check planning requirements that need to be met for your site. A Geotech report is also essential in ensuring your site is suitable for a transportable home. We are more than happy to put you in touch with a Geotechnical Engineering firm.

It takes 12 -14 weeks to build your transportable home in our Tauranga yard. We build to standard a house methodology which means that council inspections will need to be factored into the timeline.

We estimate the entire process, which includes the council consent could take 6 – 7 months before we are able to transport the home to your site.

Alternatively purchasing a prefinished stock home from the yard will expediate the timing.

To make the process as efficient as possible and to regulate costs we limit the number of changes.

However, if you would like to create a unique build, we also offer a full on-site design&build service where you are able to make as many changes as you want to!

Kinect will obtain a Building Consent and CCC for the build from the appropriate Council. You will need to apply for a Building Consent from your local council for siting the home in its final position, including council inspections and final Code of Compliance Certificate. Our team can help with the onsite consenting for a small fee; speak to our consultants about what this would be.

Kinect will insure the home while at the yard during the build. Our house removal company will ensure up to $200,000 worth of insurance transport cover, anything over this will be an additional cost – we can quote this for you.

In addition, you will also need all contract works insurance from the time it is on site whilst connecting the services until you have obtained final CCC.

We will do our best to deliver your Kinect Transportable home to the North Island of New Zealand. If your site is in a coastal, earthquake, or very high wind zone, there may be additional costs for alternative materials and building methods required in those areas.

Check out the Kinect specifications list which outlines exactly what is and isn’t included.

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