Why buying a Transportable home is a great solution

We understand the many challenges our customers face when building their new home, having been in the building industry for more than 25 years. When looking to buy a first or second home your budget will dictate everything from room size and numbers to final fixtures. Once you have agreed on budget, the next massive milestone is delivery, and this is where things can start to get tricky. So, what if you looked at your new home differently?

Building costs set to rise

House prices and new builds have gone up so much in recent years, it’s priced many buyers out of the market and this trend looks set to continue into 2023 and beyond. With lending rates rising and criteria for approval becoming more stringent, it’s a difficult situation to tackle. Especially if you’re a first-home buyer.

Raw material shortages

Sadly, costs are not the only consideration; New Zealand, much like the rest of the world is facing some very challenging supply issues. This can potentially be tracked to increased building and home improvement activity, particularly during the first lockdown. Construction productivity reached a 24-year high in 2022, but unfortunately, demand has not been met by supply.


This may well be the final straw for some buyers, so it’s no wonder you may be starting to contemplate alternatives. If you, your family, or friends own land then a transportable home may be an ideal solution. A collaborative agreement between consenting parties to share land might be the starting point for living differently.

Buying a transportable home is simple and uncomplicated once you have the land sorted. And it probably won’t have you going grey with stress.

What is involved in building a transportable home you may ask? With Classic Kinect, it’s a simple 7-step process.

STEP 1.                ESTIMATE

Once you have chosen your premium, low-maintenance home from our full range of stylish floor plans, our consultant will work with you to ensure the home will fit on your site. You will receive available product options along with estimates of the items you’ll need to complete after the house has been transported to site.


A $1000 deposit is required for your Building Consultant to complete a site evaluation and for our design team to produce a Scheme Plan (which outlines your site, your house in position and the levels of your land). Our designers will also confirm the climate zones your site falls within.

Our contracted house removal specialists will visit your site to confirm there’s suitable access to deliver your home. You’ll then be presented with the plans, contract documentation and fixed build price.

STEP 3.                BUILDING CONSENT

Once you’ve signed the contract, paid the deposit and confirmed your colour scheme, Kinect will prepare the plans and documentation for building consent to commence the build at our yard.

You’ll need to get engineers reports for soil and/or drainage designs (if required), then armed with the site and house plans provided by Kinect, you’ll apply for the building consent from your local council for the siting of the home.

STEP 4.                WE BUILD

On receiving building consent, your first stage payment will be due and your build will start in our yard. Further payments are required throughout stages of the build, with the final payment due on completion.

STEP 5.                TRANSPORT

Prior to us transporting your home to your site, you will need to have any required site access work completed and received an approved site building consent from your local council. Once we confirm this is in place, we will deliver your new home to you.

STEP 6.                CONNECTIONS & CCC

Now’s the time to engage your local contractors to connect your power, portable & wastewater, decks and driveway. You’ll also need to apply for a code of compliance inspection with your local council.

STEP 7.                MOVE IN

Your new home is ready to go – move in and enjoy!

With this process in mind, you now have a framework within which to make your decision. Whether you have farmland, a section in the ‘burbs, coastal space or perhaps just need to extend your offices, let us know how we can help you. Together we can make your new home a reality.

Don’t build, Kinect to get your home, delivered.

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